Arc Services, LLC Arc Automation

Welding, Plasma and Positioning Equipment Specialists, specializing in Welding and Cutting Automation and Contour Shape Cutting Machines

Servicing the Intermountain area since 1998 with over 20,000 completed repairs and satisfied customers from homeowners to multi-national corporations.


"Since opening in 1998, we have focused on building a reliable and knowledgeable team dedicated to providing our customers with excellent sales, service and support. With a large company service capacity and a small company attitude, we prioritize keeping our customers informed and operational with minimal downtime. Our focus on quality and customer service has allowed us the opportunity to do business with many great customers. With over 25,000 repairs and counting, from the hobbyist working in their garage to the largest manufacturing, mining and production facilities, we provide innovative solutions with the knowledge and flexibility to fulfill the customer's individual needs."

Arc Services was established in 1998 repairing welding equipment on-site at customer’s locations.  As our abilities became known and our reputation for service grew, we were approached by a few welding and plasma machine manufacturers to become their local service center and give their customers more options for warranty and non-warranty repair services.  We opened our first service center in a 600 square foot leased shop and hired one employee.  We soon outgrew that location and moved to a 3000 square foot location. We expanded our knowledge and the products we serviced.  Our reputation continued to grow and as business increased so we took on more lines until we represent most all major welding, plasma equipment manufacturers selling equipment in North America.  We again outgrew our leased shop and in 2006 we purchased a lot and built a new custom facility designed for our needs and large enough for future expansion.  In addition to standard welding equipment, we have always repaired and serviced contour shape cutting machines as well as plasma and welding automation systems.  In 2011 we started and registered a new division called Arc Automation which focuses on selling new equipment as well as retrofitting outdated equipment and systems.  We also offer preventive maintenance contracts as well as supply consumables for plasma and laser systems.  We represent numerous manufacturers of contour shape cutting machines for Plasma, Fiber Laser and Water Jet as well as welding automation systems and plate and beam processing equipment.   

To date we have completed over 25,000 repairs with satisfied customers ranging from homeowner to multi-national corporations. 

When down time is costly we have the manpower, equipment, knowledge, resources and abilities to get you back in operation as quickly as possible.