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Preventive Maintenance Services

Preventive maintenance agreements specifically tailored to meet individual customer requirements.   

  • Shape Cutting Machines
  • Plasma systems
  • Automated Welding Systems
  • Welding Positioners, Manipulators and Turning Rolls
  • Semi-automatic and Manual Welding Systems
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Stacking Up the Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. In the days when machinery was simpler and cheaper to buy and fix, that philosophy worked fine. However, today machinery and equipment is far more complex, far more costly and in need of greater care. Today the more appropriate philosophy is: If it ain't broke, lets work to keep it that way.  Below is a list of just 20 of the benefits of preventive maintenance.
1. Minimizes or eliminates costly downtime - increases profitable uptime.
2. Minimizes or eliminates catastrophic machinery failures.
3. Reduces unscheduled maintenance - repairs can be made when they least affect production.
4. Reduces spare parts inventories - many parts can be purchased just before scheduled shut-downs.
5. Optimizes machinery performance so it always operates within specifications.
6. Reduces excessive electric power consumption caused by inefficient machinery performance - saves money on energy requirements.
7. Reduces need for standby equipment or additional floor space to cover excessive downtime - less capital investment required for equipment or plant.
8. Increases plant capacity.
9. Reduces depreciation of capital investment caused by poor machinery maintenance - well maintained machinery lasts longer and performs better.
10. Reduces unnecessary repairs - repairs are done only if performance is less than optimal.
11. Reduces the number of dissatisfied customers or lost customers due to poor quality - with less than optimal machine performance, quality always suffers.
12. Reduces rework of goods caused by less than optimal machine operation.
13. Reduces scrap caused by poorly performing machinery.
14. Reduces overtime needed to make up for lost production due to broken down or poorly performing machinery.
15. Reduces late deliveries caused by broken down or poorly performing machinery.
16. Reduces warranty claims due to poor product quality caused by poorly performing machinery.
17. Increases machinery safety - injuries are often caused by poorly performing machinery.
18. Reduces safety penalties levied against a company for unsafe machinery.
19. Reduces the time required to make machinery repairs - advance notice of machinery condition permits more efficient organization of the repair process.
20. Increases ease of operation of machinery.


Preventive Maintenance is especially important for Mechanized Plasma Systems

Murphy's Law says the plasma-cutting machine will always break down when you need it most-- usually right in the middle of the biggest plate-cutting job.  At up to $200 per hour or more fully burdened, downtime on the cutting machine gets expensive.

Many shops do not have a regular preventative maintenance schedule for their plasma cutting systems. After a few months of neglect, the cutting machine will no longer perform as designed. Mechanical parts will prematurely wear causing rough machine motion. This may lead to out-of-tolerance parts and poor cut quality, particularly at higher cutting speeds.  The Plasma system is vulnerable to contamination and may malfunction and misfire causing cut quality and torch height control problems not to mention reducing consumable life and can cause damage that will lead to expensive repairs and downtime.

When components in the machine fail, troubleshooting the problem and servicing the machine can take days. Sticking to a regular schedule of preventative maintenance can avert most of these problems. 


Sample Preventive Maintenance Check List and Procedure for a Hypertherm HPR400XD HyPerformance Plasma System